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Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Fails

Just a quick update.  I've almost recovered from my cold other than the odd couphing fit or running nose.  This week is a recovery week but I switched my long ride this Saturday (four hours) for last Saturday (one hour).  I felt like crap last Saturday morning so I didn't ride but felt better in the afternoon.  I rode outside for the first time anxious to see if all the interval work would pay off.  Nope.  I rode 30 km in 1:15 for an average speed of 25 km/hr.  I rode the same route that I've ridden a hundred times before but this time the hills seemed much steeper and there was a pretty good headwind.  I was still hacking and coughing and constantly blowing snot rockets to the left and to the right.  But the bottom line is I need to start riding outside more.  For tomorrow's ride, I'll have to ride 90 minutes or so on the trainer and then switch over to riding outside as I need to finish my workout by 9:30 am.  Do the math:  four hour ride plus 30 minute run - what time do I need to start in order to finish by 9:30 am?  Yikes

Yesterday I was supposed to do a light 45 minute recovery run.  The top of my left foot was bugging me and I figured I would use this as a test run by going slow.  Rebecca wanted to come with me so she rode her bike on the sidewalk while I ran.  Slow run indeed.  My average speed was 7:00 min/km as this was the first time Rebecca had ridden her bike that far from home.  No worries about my foot as there was no speed work yesterday.  However, it seems my Pseudo Gout has returned in my toe.  Pseudo Gout is similiar to regular gout and just as painful.  It appears out of no where and then disappears after a couple of days.  I find curling my toes as it seems to move the calcium crystals out of the toe joint.  Hopefully it won't last.

Anyways, here are the Friday Fails.......

job fails - WAIT 101.00 - Intro to Waitressing

job fail  - secret beer fridge
I need this in my office

job fail - dave drinks alone

job fails - Don't Beat Around the Big 'N' Tasty

epic fail photos - School of Fail: If You Say So...

And finally, I leave you with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.........

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