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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

I'm really not a big football fan and will watch the Superbowl with mild interest although money always make things more interesting (I bet my manager).  Usually we go to Billy's house who has a great Superbowl party where the boys will play a game of touch football starting around 2 pm and then head back to catch the "Big Game."  We've been playing for 12 years and have played in all kinds of weather from -20 degrees to 5 degrees and this year has been one of the warmest on record.  However, due to my current running injury, I can't play and I wasn't really all that eager to play with IMMT coming up.  With my luck, I'd blow my knee out and wreck the 2012 race season.

On the training front, I've just finished three weeks of build and head into a recovery week which is good timing as work is getting very busy.  Because of my calf injury, Around The Bay is officially out.  I've registered four times and only ran it once.  Highly annoying but also totally my fault as I told coach to ramp up my running way beyond what she originally secheduled.  Fortunately its sold out so selling my bib shouldn't be a problem.

The bike sessions have been interesting and much harder than last year's indoor sessions.  The biggest focus is maintaining constant pacing but I have no idea what watts I can maintain for an interval even though I've had the Power Tap since June 2011.  Small wonders why I switched coaches this year.  New coach has been great in providing feedback on my Power Tap files.  I don't expect her to look at every file but an occasional comment is very helpful.  The rides are all interval focus which are great as last year I had too many mindless rides of doodling around and it showed in my race results.  For example, today's main set was 5 x 10 minutes interval with constant increasing power on each interval.  By the last interval, I was barely hanging on.  Perfect, hurt me.

But back to the Superbowl.  In case you're not familiar, the Superbowl is legendary for airing new commercials.  In the United States, a single 30 second commercial spot for the 2012 Superbowl costs $3.5 million however in Canada, we do not get to watch the US commercials but rather we get the Canadian version.  This year is no different.  Here is one of them.  Budweiser surprised an amateur hockey game by providing fans, cheerleaders, and announcers.  My claim to fame, I've played a couple of times in the rink where the commercial was filmed.  Its a dump and looks nothing like what's on the commercial.

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  1. The video isn't embedded correctly, however, I cut and pasted the url to watch the video. That is awesome. I think it is way better than the commercials that they aired in the U.S. Thanks for sharing it.

    Btw, your bike training is very technical. I would like to get to that point. I am still riding aimlessly... LOL!