Ironman Mont Tremblant

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Update

Thursday Master's Swim

My Master's swim class is pretty small with only about eight or nine other swimmers.  We share the pool with the Mallard's swim team where I routinely get demolished by 13 year olds every time I try to race them.  (Note to self:  I make way more money than they do).  We have two lanes and are split up into "slow" and "slower".  I'm in the slow group.  One of our fellow swimmers, I'll name C, is an older lady and an OK swimmer but I'm way faster.  She always says she's not competitive and enjoys swimming for the company.  Over the last couple of years she has been a minor nuisance.  I think she's just learned how to swim as she has zero pool etiquette: 
        a)  She absolutely won't let you go ahead of her 
        b)  If you try and pass, she will speed up
        c)  She will be resting at the wall and as soon as I approach, she will push off
        d)  She likes to swim over the black line at the bottom of the pool rather than to the right of the line resulting in several near collisions
        e)  She likes to rest right in the middle of the lane against the wall so there is no room to turn

Most of the time, we end up complaining about her in the change room but this time Brian decided to confront her.  They ended up "discussing" the etiquette of swimming for half the class.  I kept swimming to finish the set and then got the low-down in the dressing room.  Later, C caught up with me in the parking lot and she continued the discussions with me.  After standing outside for 10 minutes, I started to get cold.  We'll see on Tuesday morning if anything changes. 

Thursday Night - 30 minute recovery run
This run felt horrible has I ran right after getting home from work.  I should have ate something as I thought about taking a gel in the middle of the run.  Yes, that would have been 15 minutes into the run.

Friday - Nothing, rest day

Saturday - Not much to write.  Two hour ride followed by a 30 minute outdoor run. 
I started wearing my heavier riding jacket as its still pretty cold outside and I'm soaking wet from riding.  I do a complete change of clothes and even wear my heavier wool running socks as it was around -8 degrees Celsius (17 degrees F).

Sunday - One hour ride and 30 minute strength training
The one hour ride was interesting as there were more intervals but this time I decided to ignore the heart rate.  Coach told me to back off once I went above the prescribed limits for the session but I don't feel like I'm getting a tough enough workout.  This session was on the big chain and I almost puked by the time I finished the last interval. 

Monday - One hour ride and 30 minute run
Not much to write about other than I felt really good coming off the bike.  I ran at a 5:17 min\km pace which was probably the fastest I've run in a while.  My legs were sore from the weight training on Sunday



  1. Just swim into her. A few hard knocks will teach her a lesson. Tickle her toes too, maybe an bum smack or two. On the other hand, she may like it.....

    Dont run too fast, you won't go anywhere near that speed at Ironman. Dont risk injury!! Nice numbers though :)

  2. I can't wait to hear about your Tuesday swim!!!

  3. Oh man, maybe she just never learned pool etiquette? I hope she changes her ways because that would drive me BONKERS!!!

  4. I cant wait for Tuesday either, I agree with John, a couple collison will change her tune

  5. Jesus when I see serious people get in the pool I change lanes or stay WAY outta their way. I see there's an update to this story....