Ironman Mont Tremblant

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lanced At Panama!

Wow!  Lance Armstrong just finished Panama 70.3 with a smoking time of 3:50:55 only passed by Bevean Docherty.   Ironman Live was so overwhelmed, I couldn't even load it so I had to track it via updates on Slowtwitch.  The posts were coming fast and furious as when I refreshed the page, there were a couple of new posts every 10 seconds or so.

LA's splits are

19:22 for the swim (hmmm he beat my time by only 18 minutes or so.  Must had a good current)
2:10:18 for the bike (well I should hope he can ride faster than me)
1:17:01 for the run (hell, I'm hurt so I can't run at all)

Pretty impressive for a 41 year old fart.  Although I am neither a fan or hater of LA, this should be an interesting race season with all eyes on Kona

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  1. Holy cow! His swim time is unreal! Well, all his times are amazing. I am just in awe with his performance.