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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Marathon winner disqualified because he didn’t sign up for race

Paul Moseley/Fort Worth Star-TelegramScott Downard was stripped of his title in this weekend's Cowtown Marathon because of paperwork, or, more specifically, a lack of paperwork.
The 25-year-old won the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, Tex. on Sunday but wasdisqualified when he crossed the finish linebecause he never registered for the race.
Downard was using the bib of a friend who had signed up for the race but was unable to compete. The Oklahoman freely admitted the issue to race officials when confronted with it after crossing the finish line.
Kolin Styles, 25, was named the winner. He finished the race in 2 hours, 40 minutes, 54 seconds, more than three minutes behind Downard.
A race official told the newspaper that Downard was understanding about the disqualification and said he'd come back to compete next year.
Remarkably, a similar situation occurred in the 2003 race.
Over 9,000 men and women participated in numerous races at the annual event. Almost of all them signed up on time.


  1. He just wanted to see if he could compete. He wasn't upset, he'll probably win a future race, with all the right paperwork. I love a guy who can run with the best, get no trophey, and then say, hey no worries, see ya'll next year". Go dude!

  2. If I was the 'second place' first place guy I'd tell them to stuff the medal/trophy. I don't care if some RD didn't make his $50, someone beat me fair and square.
    I see people run under other bibs all the time. Sounds like the 'winner' knew what he got himself in to so I don't think he cares all that much.