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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolution 2012

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At least this morning I managed a 8.5 km run at a dreadful pace of 6:15 min\km.  Oddly enough there weren't many people out at 7:00 am New Year's Day.

Oh, and I signed up for Around The Bay 30 km race in March

How's your over hang?


  1. LOL!!! I love the New Years resolutions!!!

  2. Hey just catching up on blogs. Happy New Year. LOVE that list. I would cry for a pace like yours, double it and you got mine.

    I'll be cheering at Around the Bay. See you there!

  3. a slow run beats no run at all!

    keep them slow and injury free!

    love that post - hilarious :) ResolIdiots

  4. Happy New Year Peter!

    Getting out of the house at 7:00AM on New Year's Day is an achievement by itself.

    Miha and I, registered, too, for Around the Bay. We'll see you there!

  5. lol.. that list is too funny!
    I wish I could run your pace right now. Be glad you are injury free!
    Happy New Year!