Ironman Mont Tremblant

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just Swimming, Biking And Running Along

Well half way through my first "official" training schedule and its been pretty much the same as the "unofficial" training schedule.  On the swimming front, nothing going on other than the usual Masters stuff.  I got beat by the coach and his 15 year old daughter in a 25 meter race.  They did butterfly while I did freestyle and they both smoked me.  I need to find some 10 year olds so I can build up my self esteem. 

On the riding front, the batteries in the hub for my power tap died again.  Oddly enough, they were changed by my previous coach in September.  I watched him open a drawer and pull out a couple of batteries and place them in my hub.  Hmmmm I wonder how "fresh" they were?  Well I guess I know the answer to that question.

On the running front, because I signed up for Around The Bay, the oldest race in North America, I've started to ramp up the running.  I was only running twice a week for about 50-60 minutes and need to start building the base.  I mentioned to coach that I signed up for ATB and she expressed surprise as my long run has only been about 1:10 but I checked last year's schedule and my long run for the same week was 1:30 so I'm not that far off.  However, my right knee has been bugging me after I ride and run.  On the pain scale, its very very minor but I went to see Dr Stoddard just to check things out.  He poked, prodded and twisted my knee around but couldn't really find anything wrong.  He wasn't sure what it was but suggested to do lots of stretching of the quads. 

After the appointment, I went over to my parent's house (they live five minutes from my work) and went for an hour run.  The weather wasn't bad but it started to snow and the wind was nasty.  It snowed just enough to cover the ice on the paths.  I actually ran through a golf course  The Donalda Club is a very exclusive private club and I actually used to work there as a waiter (my first job as a waiter) many years ago.  Actually I was working there when Wayne Gretzky was traded from the Edmonton Oilers. I think the membership is $100,000ish.  Obviously no one was on the golf course but I stuck to the cart path which was a little icy and had a layer of snow covering it just to make things interesting.  My knee began to bug me but I pushed on and finished the hour run (later I check my schedule and was only supposed to go for 45 minutes).

Last night my knee was throbbing even more so I iced it down and this morning its was ok buuuuutttt my left foot was very sore.  The knuckle spot behind my big toe was very sore and warm.  It seems that my pseudogout has returned.  It is very similar to regular gout and is just as painful.  It only appears once every two years and it comes and goes after a couple of days.  One thing that seems to help is if I scrunch my toes.  I think it helps move the fluid out of the joints.  Let's hope this doesn't last long

Tomorrow is my first indoor/outdoor brick.  I have a two hour ride followed by a 30 minute run.  Did I mention it -10 degrees Celsius?

Today (Friday) is my official "off day" so I dug up the P90X yoga video and started doing some yoga.  I lasted 30 minutes and turned off the yoga and rolled on my $50 dollar trigger point roller.  I made sure to nail the quads which were painful. 

That's all I got. 


  1. Yeah, I gave up trying to beat the kids in the pool. They are all fast anymore.

    Sounds like switching coaches was the right move man.

    YogaX on the day off... sounds painful ;) I always bail on the Yoga Belly 7 part at the end. HATE IT!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I can't even beat the 10 year olds. I gotta find me some 6 year olds!

    Btw, running on icy paths must be tough on a bad knee. I have a bum knee and if I don't I make sudden turns or twists I feel the pain. A little slip on the ice would kill me.