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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tapering Down

Well only eight days to go until a world of hurt.  After last week's long run of 3 hours and 45 minutes, I was still hurting Monday morning and couldn't do any speed work so I just ran for an hour at an unbelievably slow pace.  At some points, I was running (or shuffling) at a 6:45 min\km.  I emailed coach and told him I couldn't do any of the speed work (ie 5 x 1,000 meters @ 4:30 min\km pace) and he said don't worry about it as it was critical not to get injured this close to the race (well duh).  On that note, I skipped Wednesday's run as I was very tired and very hungry.  I couldn't believe how much I was eating.  Holy Oink Oink!

Thursday's swim was a write off as we totally screwed up the drill and we got it totally mixed up.  I didn't even bother finishing the set when 6:30 am rolled around.  Friday's run was better as I tried to run at a quicker pace rather than use heart rate.  I felt better but my shin splints were killing me after the run.  I've been stretching, rubbing and icing them.  Its bearable but I know they can get a lot worse without treating them.

This morning is a scheduled rest day so I decided to do P90X yoga which I haven't done in about six weeks and it showed.  After 20 minutes, I was bagged but all the Downward Dog stretches certainly helped my calf and my shin splints.  I couldn't even finish the total 90 minute work out and bailed before the balancing sets.

After breakfast we went to a bike swap to look at a new bike for Tammy (could this be her Mother's Day present?).  There were about 30 used bikes including a Scott Plasma (hmmm).  She ended up getting an used Devinci Silverstone for $600.  I've never heard of it but reading some online reviews (after we bought the bike...duh), it seems to be ok.  Tammy didn't really have much fun last year running the Hamilton Half Marathon but thought perhaps Duathlons would be more fun.  Her schedule had been set up with the Victoria Du (may 23rd) in mind but there was a small problem.  All of her biking had been inside at the gym and she didn't have a bike for outdoors.  I borrowed my sister-in law sister's bike but it turned out to be a mountain bike with knobby tires and it weighed a ton.  After "discussing" the situation with coach, we decided to scrap the Victoria Du and go for the Guelph Du next month which was a shorter course and gave her more time to ride outside.  We'll see what the summer brings but hopefully Tammy will stick with riding.

That's all I got as next week is the 2nd week of tapering.

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  1. I can't think back to my first marathon on my training, I do know that my buddies and I got wasted the night before (we were in chicago living it up haha).

    Some friends are doing their first marathon with us at Cleveland this weekend, they have the same issue you are talking about here, complaining they aren't recovering and that they can't do any of their workouts, etc. I wonder if your body is still adjusting to this abuse and volume?

    Hang in there and take it easy, better to go in over rested than over trained!

    Do your best to enjoy the run too, I have learned after doing a few that there is so much going on during the race that you have to really take it all in.