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Friday, May 27, 2011

P90X And Update

Not much going on as the recovery process dips into the second week.  I thought I'd be good to go by now but I have nasty shin splints that aren't going away.  I've had this problem a couple of weeks before the race but looks like the Marathon did some damage as they are still sore.  The usual icing, massaging and stretching doesn't seem to be working but looks like the cause of the shin splints has been solved.  Coach had dropped off Tammy's new bike on the weekend (more on that in a minute) and I mentioned my shin splints.  I ran up and down the sidewalk for about 10 feet as Coach watched me.  Actually, it was quite painful running that short distance!  He quickly concluded that my gait had changed quite significantly as I've grown stronger and the current shoes that I was wearing, no longer properly fit.  Even though I just purchased the shoes in February, all the marathon training had changed my mechanical significantly.  Great, there goes more dollars!!  That said, I probably had only two or three months left on those shoes.  Last night we met Coach at Running Free and both Tammy and I got new shoes as she has Plantar fasciitis.  So that cost only $400 but it was worth it.  I could immediately feel the difference and it wasn't as painful to run.

A while ago, Tammy had decided she didn't want to train\run any half marathons this year and next year and....well forever but did still wanted to do some running.  She thought about doing Duathlons and has been riding only on bike at the gym on a stationary bike.  I was reluctant to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a bike only to have it gathering dust, so a couple of weeks ago we went to a bike swap.  There was a bike that seemed to be the right size for Tammy but it was for $600.  With the kids running around it was hard to concentrate so we ended up getting the bike figured that Tammy would need a fit from Coach.  Turns out that it needed more than a "fit" as it was slightly too big and needed a new seat and post and several other adjustments including a safety kit, water bottle cage and speedomoter.  So another $600 later, we would have been better off buying a brand new $1100 bike from Coach....doh.

So with my shin splints, I've ditched all my runs for the next week or two and concentrated on riding, swimming, yoga, strength training and abs.  This morning I did the P90X yoga workout for the first time in about two months and it showed.  Not only did I work up a sweat, I can't believe how hard some of the poses were even though I could do them two months ago!  Lots of shaking and falling over!  I definitely need to work on the strength training and stretching as we roll into triathlon season.  The next race is Muskoka Long Course (2 km swim, 55 km ride and 13 km run).  The goal is to beat last year's time of 3:55

Tomorrow I'll ride for about two hours as my biking really sucks.  Oh and I just found out that the loop I've been doing is shorter than I thought so therefore I'm not riding as fast as posted a couple of days ago.

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