Ironman Mont Tremblant

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This week and next week are recovery weeks and that's not a bad thing.  I'm still limping because of my shin splints.  My manager just shakes his head and asks "why I do it?"

I got an useless massage on Monday afternoon.  One of the advantages of my work is I can come and go as I please.  The massage did help somewhat but wasn't worth the $85.  The place is close to one of my offices and usually I can get an appointment within a couple of hours.  I've been there three or four times and gotten a different person each time.  The quality of therapist is hit or miss at best

Thanks to those who posted comments from the race report.  Matty O posted a great article on recovering from a Marathon.  He and his wife ran the Cleveland Marathon on the same day and got pretty much the same weather.

I had lunch yesterday with a work colleague who gushed over my time.  He just did 3:19 at Boston and did the Sporting Life 10k in 39 minutes so I'm not so sure why he was so impressed with my time.  He was absolutely insistent that I could qualify for Boston in a couple of years.  I told him he was nuts as I need to knock off 24 minutes which is around one minute per mile or roughly 45 seconds per kilometer.  And that's before the new rules for next year.  I think it adds about 5 minutes and then its based on the fastest time for the age category.  To be honest, I'm not sure how "accurate" my actual time is as we had the wind at our back all the way down Yonge Street (17 km) and for mostly running west to the turn around point at the 30 km mark.  Only running west back to the city did we run into the wind and north up University Ave for about 4 km.  So, if there was no wind, would I have been able to knock out the same time?  I doubt it.

Other people that ran on Sunday, Doru and his wife ran the Mississauga Half Marathon.  Great time Doru although your "worst hangover race time" is about my fastest time. And Daryl who ran the Mississauga Marathon in a smoking 3:01.  Holy crap!!  Still waiting for your race report.

Today is supposed to be 30 minutes of spinning but I'm so far behind in work, I'll use this time as another rest day.  Tomorrow is swimming and its probably one of the best ways to recovery from a hard race but I died on the kicking drills yesterday.  Serge just looked at me and shook his head.


  1. I think u could do Boston for sure - its in you to be had!

    Doru makes me sick - that guy is way fast and is too humble about it! :)

    Equally Daryl makes me sick - for the same reason I hate Doru! lol hah

    For $85 u better have got a 'happy ending' for the price - sounds like u make be a little frustrated though. Maybe need to finish the job with some 'self massage'

  2. I had a busy couple of weeks and now finally I am catching up on blogging. Thanks for the shout out. At my first marathon 2 years ago I did 4:24h. A year later I did 3:18h. As you can see, you can defintelly can improve your time a lot in a year or two.
    So, yes, you can do Boston for sure in the near future.