Ironman Mont Tremblant

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

This is going to suck

May. 14
May. 15
May. 16
May. 17

6am - 6pm
Cloudy with showersLight rainLight rainCloudy with showers
Cloudy with showersLight rainLight rainCloudy with showers



WindNE 15 km/hNE 35 km/hNE 35 km/hNE 25 km/h
24-Hr Rain10-15 mm15-20 mm

I went to pick up my race kit today and met John Stanton and he was handing out pace bands.  He asked me what time I was aiming to finish the marathon and joking I said 3:30 would be great and he handed me the 3:30 pace band.  I laughed and said not in my dreams.  I told him 3:50-4:00 is more realistic.  I talked to him for a bit more and he said to look as the marathon as a 30 km training run and 10 km race.  

With each racing kit, runners were supposed to get a six pack of Molson 67 (3.2% alcohol) but that was squashed by the lawyers.  Booooo

I'm still not 100% sure on the nutrition.  I walked to coach and the plan is for 300 calories an hour so that is two GU and one bottle of Amino Vital with one salt pills.  I need to figure how I'm going to carry the Amino Vital.  I guess the best thing is in film canasters and refill my water bottle and the stations.  I guess I'd mix them on the run.  This is should be interesting.  What's that saying about not wearing, eating or trying something new during a race?

Also the weather is going to be a serious problem.  With winds up to 35 km\hr, running down Yonge Street will be straight into the wind for about 17 km.   Wonderful.  I'll be looking to draft off of some big fat guy.  Also, I guess I'll be running with a garbage bag on for most of the race.

On the good news front, oddly enough during this two week taper, everything is dialing down, I've been starving and eating like a pig BUT my weight is down.  I'm down to 170 this morning.  SWEET!!!

So this is the plan
Friday night (tonight) - To night's sleep is the most critical so I'll take a sleeping pill but that means no beers
Saturday night - Carb loading although I've never believed in it.
Sunday morning - Four hours of hell
Sunday afternoon - Beer


  1. Good luck this weekend! Can't wait for the race report!

    I like your plan and can attest to the important night sleep being 2 days prior to the big event. Hope you are sleeping now as it'll serve you well!

    Have a great race!

  2. The run tomorrow will really test us, one to remember or just forget...we'll see if I can get anywhere near my ideal time. Maybe the wind will be at our backs - the whole way! LOL. Good luck, enjoy your beer afterwards - I like that idea.