Ironman Mont Tremblant

Friday, March 18, 2011

What To Do?

Tomorrow I'm supposed to have a long run of 2:40 hours but there is no chance of that happening.  My foot pain has gone away thanks to the anti inflams which I stopped taking yesterday.  Today I walked around the Ontario Science Centre for five hours with no pain but I think it would be wise to bail from my long run tomorrow morning.  So here's the dilemma:  I rolled my ankle several times a couple of weeks ago at the Chilly Half Marathon and the following week, my run schedule was too intense.  Last Sunday, my ankle started to hurt.  I've hurt this ankle many of times in the past and it usually subsides after a couple of weeks of not running.  The Chilly was a "C" race and I shouldn't have pushed it when the Around The Bay (30 km) was so close.  This is a race that I've trained for twice in the past and was not able to make it to the start line.  It is a "B" race but one I've wanted to do as it is the oldest road race in North America, in fact older than the Boston Marathon.

I probably could finish the race, but not in the time coach would be expecting me to finish (around 2:30 - 2:40).  At the same time, despite my foot feeling "fine," do I risk further injury and possibility jeopardize my 2011 season?  After this race, I have Sporting Life 10k (C race), Toronto Marathon (I've never done a marathon), Muskoka Long Course (B race), maybe Peterboro Half Iron (A race), Calgary 70.3 (A race) and Muskoka 70.3 (A race).

Or do I go for it and let the chips fall where they may?


  1. Yikes - sorry to hear about your ankle. I'm in debate about running too, I haven't really been putting in the distance (a few 24k runs), but ATB really needs more than that and I'm not sure I want to pay registration and transfer fees at this point.

  2. Damn, I'm really bummed out that you broke your body - after all that hard work training, its just not fair! I'm glad you got to do Chill 1/2 though, so you did reap some benefit at least!
    Rest up, get better!
    My wife and Adena (She said I need a goal) just signed up officially for Peterborough half. If you do that one, you risk getting you butt kicked buy gurls so u may want to factor that into your equation ;) lol j/k

    You'd done right by skipping ATB, its not worth destroying a season before the good weather even arrives. You got your spring race in already, no need to needlessly force another.

    I feel for ya man... I'll dedicate the last 4Km to you. Namely the bitch of a hill, I'll be cursing your name up the whole thing while you lay on your comfy couch eating potatoe chips thinking of me suffering hah! :)

  3. Oh and Daryl you pussy - don't you play with me - I see your results at your 1/2 and you're more runner than my and Peter combined. Frickin' sandbagger, did I mention I hate you? :)
    Only cuz I envy your run... I dream of being that quick one day. In the meantime I'm just going to hate you - hah!
    Buy the bib, man up, I'd love an opportunity to 'race' you :) Then I can see just how much slower than you I am, and I can set my training goals accordingly :)
    Yeh, I'm aiming really frickin' HIGH!