Ironman Mont Tremblant

Monday, March 14, 2011

This is Trouble.........

On Sunday my left foot was beginning to throb.  We had friends over for lunch so after they left, I started to do P90X yoga as I didn't have time to do it in the morning.  With the time change, a late rise and a mad scramble to clean the house left no time for yoga.

After the friends left, I went down for some much needed yoga.  I was still sore from Saturday's 25 km run and thought this would help.  I completed about 50 minutes before I had to make the kids' dinner.  My left foot was beginning to get sore and by night time it was throbbing.  For Monday's workout, I was supposed to do more speed work but running down the driveway was going to be a problem so I rode instead.  Half way through the ride, I got bored so I rode out of the saddle for about 15 minutes.  Not bad but my foot wasn't much better and in fact I was walking with a slight limp.

I've had this problem many times with this foot as it is on the inside of my left foot.  About 10 years ago when I was playing Aussies Rules Football, I was running off the field and stepped in a hole about two feet deep.  I rolled my ankle badly and its never been the same however its been about four years since its "blown up."

I was quite sure why now but I can think of several maybes....
1.  the Chilly Half was not an "A" race but I ran like it was (the coach told me to)
2.  during the race, I rolled my ankles three times, twice on my left foot
3.  last week I had no recovery week
4.  last week I had two interval runs @ 4:30 min\km and a long run of 25 km so that's two half marathons in six days
5.  the return of Pseudo Gout as I've had way too many beers over the last several weeks.  Pseudo Gout is similar to regular gout and extremely painful but a trip to the doctor ruled that out but at least I did get some anti-inflams.  That means no beer and bloating.  I always gain weight when I'm on anti-inflams

So where does that leave me?  Well, Around The Bay is in less than weeks and that's a race I've missed twice because of injuries.  Its not looking good but we will see how the rest of the week shapes up.  I talked to the coach and agreed to bail on the two interval runs and most of Saturday's 2 hour and 40 minute long run.  Wow good decision coach!   Coach was expecting me to run ATB in 2 1/2 hours but not a chance of that happening now

I've been totally pissed off the entire day


  1. Bummer man. I have issues with my right ankle, roll it at least once a year and it swells up the size of a softball.

    Quite possibly sore from rolling it. When I do that all the muscles and tendons are pissed at me and let me know it.

  2. Damn. Well you have a couple weeks to heal up before the big race, plenty of time and a good opportunity to rest. Chilly half probably took its toll for sure.

    Its ok, I understand. You need to start lining up the excuses for when I totally kick your a$$ at ATB :) j/k

    Heal up! Stick, stretch, more stretch. Inside foot? sounds like my planters issue - check out the iced bottle roll and the overnight taping techniques. Get it diagnosed asap so you can get some hardcore recovery regiments going.