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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Run For Japan

I am of Japanese descent and the recent earthquake in Japan has left me wondering what else can I do besides the obvious of donating money to the Red Cross.  Reading Scobie's blog, he posted this interesting article.  Its called Run For Japan and its a different fundraiser.  Please help any way you can.

The Objective:
To cover 24,901 miles (right around the world) in 28 days with at least one run dedicated from every country in the World. To achieve this runners around the globe are being asked to dedicate just one run to the people of Japan and donate at least one unit of their home currency per mile run.

I'll figure out which run to dedicate and speaking of which, I ran this morning for 40 minutes and while my ankle was ok, I could "feel" it towards the end of the run.  If the race was three weeks away, I could make it but at this stage of the game with only eight days to go, it makes no sense to push it and run the risk of destroying my 2011 race season.  Around The Bay will come and go for me in 2011 but there will be 2012.  I'll target another Half Marathon somewhere around late April.  Email me if you're interested in buying my bib or if you know someone looking for a bib.

PS:  For the record while I know we have relatives in Japan, I think they are in the south.  I've never been to Japan and never met them.  I am a third generation Canadian and my parents have only been to Japan once in there lifetime.    Any relatives we have in Japan are distant, literally and figuratively.  


  1. Good call on the race, no sense in buggering your entire season. I like that idea, run for Japan, very nice.

  2. Damn. Sorry to hear you won't make it. It sounds like you have made the right choice though!