Ironman Mont Tremblant

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Swimmingly Along

Well I think I'm beginning to get over my cold as I didn't feel as bad this morning when I woke up.  My plan was to swim with the Masters and if I didn't feel all that great, just hang back of the pack.  Turns out, I was ok but a little tired.  We did a whack load of kicking drills which I hate and am a pretty weak kicker but was able to keep up, sort of. 

To finish off we did 11 x 150 metres of freestyle.  I went first and lead the way but it was only a matter of time before I started to lap the other swimmers (there was only five of us in the lane).  Most people are pretty good and move aside at the wall to allow me to pass but their is one lady who absolutely hates being passed and often won't yield.  I know the proper etiquette is to touch the feet to let them know you want to pass but I figure when you're making a turn and you see someone right behind you for several laps, common sense tells you to yield and let them pass.  For some reason she decided to start doing breast stroke while I was around the 8th set.  I tried to pass her a couple of times but someone was coming down the lane.  At the wall when she stopped I asked her to let me pass as I was still trying to finish the set.  She replied, "oh sorry, I thought we were finished." 

So let's think about this:  I'm the faster swimmer and I'm only on the 8th set, so how could you be finished?  Duh!  I mentioned this to Brian and he laughed and said she hates getting passed and usually never yields.

I was determined to finish the set as I was annoyed last week that I stopped swimming even though I hadn't finished the workout.  I don't know why but I did and when Serge asked me how I was feeling, I wasn't tired, so this week I made sure to finish. 

Although I felt better this morning, I decided to bail from hockey tonight as I have a brutal bike tomorrow morning and I thought I might be pushing it too much.  I missed hockey last week and will probably miss it next week as I have to work Wednesday and Thursday night so playing hockey on Tuesday night might be pushing it.  Odd, several years ago, I would have never missed hockey for anything but I think I missed more hockey (not due to injury) this year than I have in the last five years.  And in fact, given my heavy race schedule, I don't plan to play summer hockey for the first time in over 15 years.  Yikes!  Good god, am I becoming a dedicated triathlete like coach?


  1. Glad to hear you finished! I think sometimes when we cut a workout short or skip one, it really raises the quality and our commitment to subsequent workouts. That missed workout could be a blessing in disguise! Well that's how I rationalize it anyhow :)

    I can't say I can relate to the non-yielding swimmer. We all get our own lane here since the pool is so under utilized. Yet they're still adding a fourth pool in at our sports center. Its under renovation. Crazy lol

  2. Interesting... Bryan Payne also mentions the idea of more than 2 people per lane forcing the circular swim. That being said, I have never swam that way at our pool, only during clinics have I swam like that.

    I think I would go insane having to try and touch people's feet and passing them. I think I would much rather grab their ankle and pull them down behind me as I pass... speed up or get punished haha!