Ironman Mont Tremblant

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And We're Back!

On Monday morning I woke up with a nasty chill and fact I bailed from another run because I just felt too run down.  On Tuesday morning I felt better and was good enough to go swimming.  Throughout the workout I felt a little tired but much better than the last couple of days.  I felt good but not great so I decided not play hockey Tuesday night so I didn't bother taking my equipment to work but by early afternoon I felt back to normal.  I wavered on going home and getting it or saving my energy for Wednesday's bike ride.  The sun was out and I felt like playing so I jumped in my car and drove 30 minutes back home, grabbed it and then drove another 30 minutes back to work.  Usually I play on an empty stomach but I mixed some Amino Vital and had a light snack.  I think that made a difference as I felt pretty good on the ice.  Too bad I played like shit and couldn't take a pass or give a pass if my life depended on it but I did score twice at the end of the game so it was worth it.  Also more importantly, I burned 707 calories.

Wednesday's bike was not a fun ride as its drills, drills and more drills.  After the warm up, its 5 x 2 minute one legged drills followed by 5 x 2 minutes out of the saddle.  Strangely I find this fairly easy and then 5 by 1 minute all out sprinting.  One trick I've learned on the all out sprints is not use the hardest gear and try and grind it out (which ends up with me running out of gas around 45 seconds) but rather use a slightly easier gear which allows to increase the cadence and last the full minute.

The total workout is only one hour but with the drills, time goes by much quicker and I burned another 700 calories.   Interestingly, I made it through this workout as the last time I played hockey the night before, and then rode, it was a really really crappy ride.  I think the difference was the fact I had missed a couple of workouts and I ate an egg and toast before riding.  Usually I ride on an empty stomach

This morning my weight was 172.2.  Only four pounds above race weight.  I don't remember being this low this early in the season.  This summer I would like to race at 163 but for Ironman 2012 I should be around 158.  Yikes!


  1. recharge the batteries man. I have found if you are feeling sick and push hard, you get sick. If you are feeling sick and scale back intensity and just "go through the motions" you are good.

  2. Sounds like you're at a good spot so early in the season! Get yourself healthy again and you'll be rocking the one legged, hands behind your back, blindfolded handstand bike drills fo' sure!

    Did u get yourself registered for around the bay? I need to know cuz it will help motivate me to mop the floor with you. I'm a non-runner so I don't have high hopes, but am known to have delusions of doing 'ok'.