Ironman Mont Tremblant

Friday, February 18, 2011

Running In Shorts In February? WTF!!

I've been running since 1999 and I don't ever remember it ever being warm enough to run in shorts!!  At 5:00 am this morning it was a balmy 9 degrees (C) or 48 degrees (F)!!  Ya gotta to love global warming.  Unfortunately its not going to last as the winds picked up today and the temperature will drop below zero again.

This morning's run was a five hill repeats followed by 3 x 1 minute all out sprints.  One thing I'm beginning to learn this winter is its all about the effort.  In the past, I would just sort of lolly gag it up the hill but over the last couple of weeks, its been almost a full sprint up the hill with the HR hitting 174, just a two beats below red line.  On the last hill repeat, I was bent over almost puking.  I think its safe to say, that I put in the effort but the hammy is begin to get sore.  Better get out the roller.

At swimming, Serge has us doing time trials after the warm ups.  Last week it was a 1,000 meter time trial broken down into 4 x 250 meters tranches that we were supposed to speed up.  I started out fast and then slowed down for the next two (but I swear I was swimming faster) and then picked up the pace for the last one.  I made the mistake of sprinting the last 25 meters which Serge absolutely did not like.  He said I wasn't putting in a consistent effort and I should have that level of energy for the last lap so this week, I did a much better effort of being consistent for the entire 900 meters.  This is a very interesting exercise as consistent effort should be maintained throughout all three legs of triathlon.  I always tend to hammer it at the end of each leg.

You might have noticed that the blog hasn't been update that often over the last couple of weeks.  Work has been incredibly busy with meetings/presentations at night and more meetings on Saturdays.  I've barely had time to read fellow bloggers and the insomnia has returned.  I wake up around 3 am and lie around in bed until 4:30 and then get out of bed to start working out.  By night time, I'm completely exhausted but for whatever reason, I can't stay asleep.  Combine this with the extra work load, I'm really bagged.  Its going to catch up sooner or later.

On a brighter note, my daughter was in a MacCain's commercial currently on TV.  She's the last girl on the left.  Let's hope she doesn't turn into Lindsay Lohan !!


  1. I wondered where you were. Nice job on the run! Your daughter is adorable, she's gonna be famous and then you can be a fame daddy..

  2. Glad to hear you took advantage oh the nice weather! :)
    Wow that's awesome, she's gonna be famous! lol do you get a lifetime supply of fries? I dont know if thats the best thing to train on lol. Adorable!