Ironman Mont Tremblant

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tweak.....There Goes The Hammy

So after a great workout last Saturday consisting of a 45 km bike ride and a 11 km run, I felt pretty good, tired but good. Sunday I worked for 11.5 hours helping Paul build a shed and holiday Monday was gardening around the house. I was exhausted. Good thing this week is a recovery week and everything seemed to be going great for my first race on June 6 in Milton. I've been feeling really good and planned to blast through Milton sprint and Guelph olympic as the races were shorter than my actual workouts. Wednesday's workout was a 45 minute bike ride and then hit the weights. I worked on my legs and abs and everything was ok but I decided to change my Thursday workout and skip Master swim as I had to be on course (the golf course) at 7:48 am Thursday morning so I decided to run instead. But 7 minutes in the run my hamstring started to ache and after another couple of minutes I shut it down and walked back home. I was to tee off in two hours and was worried that I wouldn't be able to walk but after icing it down, my hamstring felt better so I played anyways. While I was golfing I emailed Kevin (gotta love Blackberry) and arranged for him to come over later that night for some treatment.
Wow a home visit. Awesome!!
After some pure torture, he declared it wasn't too bad and I should be able to do Milton after some rest. Whew!
As gratitude, Tammy baked him some Banana Rum cake which I figure has about 500 calories per slice and we washed it down with a cold one.

Hope the coach doesn't see this blog!!!!


  1. The Horrible Hammy strikes! Hope it heals up for you quickly. Doing the same two races you are (Milton Sprint / Guelph Olympic). We'll see you out there!

  2. hey mike

    flip me your contact info and we'll see you at Milton. my email address is on the blog

  3. Hammy, as in Hampster????? :)