Ironman Mont Tremblant

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I think I figured out why I was sooooo tired early this week. It was probably a result of my body trying to fight off a cold. By Wednesday I had a sore throat, slight fever, sinus congestion and very tired. I went swimming Thursday morning but stayed at the end of the line as I didn't have the energy to swim hard and was quite content to hang at the back. I didn't even finish the last drill (12 x 100 metres front crawl) as once 6:30 am came, I bailed with 500 metres to go. Once I got home I had a diet coke for the caffeine kick and in fact I had several DCs throughout the day to keep awake. Zero chance of doing my 60 minute run Thursday night.

Friday morning was a write off (strength training) as I still felt like crap but by late afternoon was feeling better. I was really unsure if I could do Saturday's workout (90 minute ride and 60 minute run) and it really came down to how I felt Saturday morning. The threat of rain in the morning didn't help either.

I woke up at the usual 4:30 in the morning and felt about 80% and it wasn't raining so I had to go. As mentioned earlier, I'm trying to push harder on the ride and get my average speed up. Today I averaged 28.5 km/hr which is 1 km/hr faster (whoo hooo) than last week's workout. One of these days I'll get it above 30 km/ when my whole workout is downhill.

The run portion was pretty much uneventful other than the there were lots of garage sales and I stopped and did a quick check for any weights or dumbbells for my strength training. I did go 11.15 km in 60 minutes which is 0.75 km further than last week's run as well.

As soon as I got in, I had to do a quick stretch, shower and eat as I had a massage at 9:00 am. After Rishi killed my for an hour he gave me exercises for my weak ankles. Great, just what I need....more exercises. I definitely need to book more time with him as I'm sure it would be a lot less painful if I got a massage on a regular basis.

Total workout
1,818 calories burned
44.5 km rode
11.15 km run

I'm ready for a nap.....................

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