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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back From The Dead

I can't remember when the last time I was that sick.  I was out of it for almost two weeks.  The last build session left me pretty exhausted and I was praying for the recovery week.  Unfortunately, it turned into almost two weeks.  I started feeling lousy and missed Saturday April 7th workout and I missed yesterday's swim workout (April 17) as I woke up and was freezing cold and had the "shake and bake" throughout the night.  Basically freezing cold one minute and then boiling hot ten minutes later.  I even missed two days of work and it would have been more if I had to work on the weekend.  Some days, I couldn't even move and other days, I had a piercing headache or killer sore throat.  Yes this cold at it all. 

Note to self:  Get the damn flu shot next year.  We normally get it but forgot this year and everybody in the family got sick.

This morning I felt almost 100 percent but wondered how much I've "lost" due to inactivity.  Today's bike was a tough 90 minute ride with pyramid drills and then a mini FTP test (2 x 10 minutes) at the end.  I struggled to finish in the last couple of minutes but its good to be back feeling normal (almost).

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  1. definitely your power meter's fault - it makes you want to work too hard and then you catch illness due to fatigue.

    get rid of it.