Ironman Mont Tremblant

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Heading out for my long run rather late this Sunday morning (ie 6:30 am), it was fairly deserted on the roads.  The temperature had dropped and was barely above zero degrees (Celsius).  I ran up Mccowan road and turned west along Major Mackenzie.  The roads were deserted except for the odd car or two.  I ran west bound when I noticed a rather large Canadian Goose on the side of the road.  Around here, there are tons of geese and usually they pay no attention as I run by but this guy was different.  When I was about five meters away, he took off and started to fly right at me.  He buzzed pretty close as he flew by and then turned around in mid flight and began to start a second bombing run.  This time he was coming right at me so I cocked my fist and swung into the empty air as he changed his flight path at the last second.  He landed in the middle of the road and sat down still looking at me.  I'm not sure what his problem was and I didn't hang around to find out if he was still pissed.  I took off running looking back every once in a while to make sure he wasn't chasing me.  The rest of the run was uneventful.  This is the first time I've been attacked by wildlife.

Training is back on schedule and yesterday's workout was a three hour ride and 45 minute run.  NRGPT has arranged for a group ride starting at 8:30 am but the weather turned nasty with a cold, rainy and windy day.  There was no way I was going to ride in the crap so it was a three hour trainer ride.  I had nothing to watch so I dug up some old CSI DVD box sets that I gave to Tammy for various birthdays and Christmas gifts many years ago.  I watched the first three shows of the first series.  It was ok and killed the time.  Yesterday Tammy went to the library and rented the first season of 24 Hours with Keifer Sutherland.  I've never saw one show when it was on TV.  Next week is a four hour bike followed by a run.  The trouble is that the girls have swimming at 9:30 am and Jake has ball hockey at 11 am.  The juggling is about to begin as  I think I'll ride for an hour or two on the trainer and then ride my bike outside for the rest of the ride as its not bright enough at 5 am yet.

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  1. Usually runners need to worry about dogs, but this is a new one! Btw, I am in awe that you can ride a trainer for 3 hours. I think the longest I have done on a trainer is 1.5.