Ironman Mont Tremblant

Monday, March 12, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Last week was a recovery week and I mentioned to coach that I thought I wasn't suffering enough.  The workouts have been tough but not falling-off-the-bike-puking-tough.  On Sunday, I got my new schedule for the next four weeks and opps, maybe I should have kept my comments to myself.  While the total time does not increase that much (12 hours), the intensity sure moves up. 

This morning's workout was 90 minutes long and with the change to Daylight Savings, I woke up a little bit later than usual.  I managed to get the workout in with the main sets consisting of 5 x 5 minutes at Zone 3 and 4 x 5 minutes at Zone 4 heart rate.  For the second set, I ignored the cap of Zone 4 and was hitting Zone 6 (max heart rate).  My Power Tap heart rate strap isn't working and I haven't gotten a chance to replace so I'm using my Polar strap to monitor my heart rate.  I don't send my heart rate data to coach so she can't see me blow thru the zones.

My Tuesday ice hockey games have been deleted from the schedule, which probably isn't a bad idea given the fact that 5 guys are missing due to various injuries.  When I play ice hockey, its usually full blast with zero regard for injury.  Last week I got rubbed into the boards and my stick got caught on the glass.  I ended up landing fairly hard on the ice.  Good thing its non contact hockey.

Wednesday's workout will be a hard 60 minute sprint interval followed by 30 minute run off the bike.  Seeing that its March Break and the kids are off, Tammy arranged for the neighbour to baby sit the kids while we go to her morning spin class followed by a pump class.  I've never done a spin class and its taught by a lady who's done an Ironman.  I'm not sure what a pump class is but after doing all that, I'm figuring a nap in the afternoon would sound really good.

For my birthday, I even have an easy 3 hour ride followed by a 40 minute run followed by lots of beers (well that part isn't on the schedule).  Should be a fun month

Moral of the story?  Be careful what you wish for.......


  1. Zone 6 max HR... that sounds like it hurt bad!!! The next 4 weeks will be serious business.