Ironman Mont Tremblant

Friday, September 9, 2011

Next Up, Muskoka 70.3

To be honest, I thought my race season was over after I got the stress fracture in my shin from the Toronto Marathon.  While, I'm glad to be entering my first and only triathlon of 2011, I must admit, I am not pumped up for it.  I'm sort of going in with the attitude "well, its only a Half Ironman and I did it last year.  No big deal"  Not a good attitude.

My Goals

Swim - 1.9 km (Last year's time: 37.43 - 1:54 min/100 m)
I'd be very happy to match last year's swim time

T1 (Last year's time:  5:12)  Ok although it is a 400 meter run from the swim exit up a hill to T1, as one of my friends asked me "what, did you stop and do your hair?"  I have to do better

Bike - 94 km (Last year's time:  3:23 - 27.7 km/hr )
Last year my chain popped off and then I got a flat tire.  My speed has not increased at all so if I can do 3:10 on the bike, that will be ok

T2 (Last year's time:  2:59)
Had to take the longest leak of my life. I tried going on the bike but nada

Run ( Last year's time: 2:03 - 5:50 min/km)
This is the toughest half marathon I've ever run (about 8 half marathons) because of rolling hills in the last six kilometers.  My run fitness is nowhere near what it was in the spring.  My run times are all over the map and I can't figure out what pace I'll be able to hold.

Goal:  Under 6 hours

I'm raising money for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.  Please sponsor me if you can

Note to our US friends:  This is a Canadian charity so you will not be able to use the tax deduction but thanks anyways


  1. Good luck, Peter. Wish I was there too!

  2. hey I'm sorry I missed out on this post or I would have donated. I support this charity as well, I wish I could afford to just give them my entire paycheque. Look forward to reading how you made out. :-) Next race I'll donate, FOR SURE.

  3. I hope you had a great race