Ironman Mont Tremblant

Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 Triathlon Race Season Over

The Toronto Marathon has taken its toll.  A stress fracture has ended my season but Father's Day came early...........

With Powertap


  1. Oh noooo.....

    So sorry to hear about the injury. Was that behind the shin splint issue? That there were actual fractures and not shin splints as you thought?

    Hopefully you can still ride and swim to keep at it.

    Nice ride, by the'll see mine on my blog sometime soon. No Powertap though.

  2. OMFG - talk about a frickin' extreme opposite day.

    That sucks about the injury :( I am glad you got it sorted out and identified though, so now its just a matter of time and rehab - it can only get better from here! :)
    Actually you're quite lucky, pretty much everyone comes back WAY stronger after an injury like that. The rest coupled with the determination to kick ass and take names will make you a contender for sure! Heal up buddy!

    SWEEEEEEEEEEEET RIDE! What bottle cage holder is on the back? I think I like that design better. Thats gorgeous, congrats! As soon as you get your fit dialed in, you'll find that thing is extremely fast. I am blown away by how stiff the frame is in the bottom bracket area - you can see the reinforcement they put in, and it works!
    I'll post some pics of my cable routing, you can get it a bit cleaner than that, I think you'll like it!
    I'm still on the fence over the bento box. I hate them but it looks not bad on your bike actually. I'm giving in because I need to store food somewhere!

    Wow what an awesome toy! You wont regreat that one! I love it!

    Whats the projected recovery time? I'm guessing you can at least bike before you can run again right?

  3. Damn.

    Well as long as you can stay active on the bike and the pool I think you will be fine.

    I have learned that the running fitness comes with bike fitness.

    Love the new bike!!!