Ironman Mont Tremblant

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My buddy was racing IMC a couple of weeks ago when he got sideswiped by a SUV on the bike course.  He went down hard but got up to finish in 11:48.  Not bad for his first IM!  BAMF!!


  1. I guess the first question is... how did an SUV get on the course? Didn't they have everything closed off? bummer man. Awesome time for him despite the accident.

    Glad it appears to just be bruising and road rash.

    Still can't fathom this happening, people never cease to amaze me in cars.

  2. friggin OUCH! and so hardcore, I would have cried like a baby and got a ride back.

  3. Read all about it on Slowtwitch - glad to hear he's doing ok, but man, what an unfortunate situation. Props to him for carrying on.

  4. Wow, BAMF is right, I am glad he is ok