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Monday, August 15, 2011


Work has been abolutely brutal last week and I've had no time to blog or read blogs.  I just barely have enough time to train, work and sleep but things are going along with Muskoka 70.3 only a month away.  Last year at this time, I was anxious and this year, its like, ho-hum.  Its ONLY a Half Ironman.  What's the big deal?  Hmmm what a difference a year makes especially considering this is my first, and only, triathlon this summer due to all the injuries.

I was pretty happy with my swimming the previous week when I banged out 3,000 meters and 3,500 meters.  Its amazing how much more energy I have when I don't run 9 km at 5:00 am before I go swimming at 6:00 am however, Tuesday's swim was, uhmmm.....interesting.  The fast lane is a double lane wide and was pretty empty.  I generally don't like swimming in circles rather just swim up and down the lane however if more people join then obviously we have to swim in circles.  Things were ok until near the end of my swim.  My buddy Derek showed up and we chatted for a couple of minutes until he went to the far side of the fast lane while I went to the other side.  I forgot my swim workout so I was just doing things to come up with a 2,000 meter workout.  I was almost done and was heading DOWN the lane when some guy came UP the same lane I was swimming in.  We just missed and it scared the crap out of me as I have been swimming by myself for 45 minutes.  I changed to swimming in circles but didn't say anything as I only had six laps to go.  Several times as we passed each other, he seemed to drift pretty close to me and I looked down to see if I was off line but each time, I was always left of the black line.  I was getting pretty pissed but kept telling myself it wasn't worth getting into an argument but as I finished my last lap, he was right behind me and I stood up and ripped off my goggles and swim cap.  I turned to him and snarled "if you're going to jump in my lane, at least let me know."  He looked surprised and said "it was a free pool and he can swim wherever he wanted to.  Well the conversation degenerate into some name calling and I told him to "learn how to swim" and jumped out of the pool.  I was hoping he would follow me into the showers and we could continue our "discussions." Thankfully he didn't, as I had a pretty good idea, how it would end.

Thursday's run (before swimming) was pretty good as I went the full distance without doing the 10 x 1s.  I ran about 10 km in 53 minutes or so which I was pretty happy but left me totally wiped for the swim.  I bailed after a pathetic 1,400 meters.

Friday's ride was only 45 minutes so I opted to ride the trainer.  Without a doubt, riding inside is a thousand times harder than riding outside but it was pouring so I rode inside.  Comparing the power numbers, it was brutal.  By the end, I was totally drenched and all my numbers were lower than outdoor riding but I'm going to ride once a week inside to start building for the winter riding season.

Saturday's ride was another 100 km ride followed by 20 minute run but I had to be at work by 11 am so that meant I had to out the door by 6 am at the latest.  It was cool and a little dark as summer is coming to an end and the sun is rising later and later.  Boo.  It was an okay ride and fairly uneventful except when I was heading back home, I was flying down a short hill in aero position when a lady started to run across the street except she was looking the wrong way and I yelled WWWWHOOOOAAAA!!!!  She was quite startled as it was only around 8 am and I must have scared the crap out of her.  If I didn't say anything she would have ran right into my path and that would have been a painful crash.  I think I'm finally getting the hang of my nutrition but still don't think I'm taking enough calories on the bike.  I had about 1,000 calories and three salt pills but I burned about 2,000 calories.  I have a tough time taking in more calories and also how to carry more calories.  
The run off the bike was tough as it was humid and I'd be hard pressed going any longer than the 20 minutes I ran.  Sunday morning was a right off as I was so tired after the brick and working five hours.

I left the house this morning around 5:20 am and it was still dark.  The ride was pretty ho hum except I need to get used to riding in the dark as once I'm in the country (10 minutes from my house), there are no street lights and I can't see anything.  The run off the bike was pretty good as I ended up running a 4:15 minute\km pace.  The whole run wasn't at that pace but knowing I could finish at that pace felt good.  My shin only ached a little bit.

I also signed up for Muskoko 70.3 for a mere $334.  What a rip off but hardly unexpected with Ironman Tremblant a steal of a deal for $734 or something like that.

Let's hope I don't get hurt in the next four weeks

PS:  Just to clairfy, I was not annoyed with the guy for jumping in my lane unannounced but rather because he changed the direction of the lane without bother telling me and I already had been in swimming for 45 minutes by myself

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