Ironman Mont Tremblant

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love Thy Trainer...Not

I switched Thursday's run with Friday's ride as my runs are getting longer (90 minutes tomorrow) and I can't make it to 6:00 am swimming unless I start running at 4:15 am, which is just....stupid.  Today's 45 minute trainer ride was nothing short of pathetic.  I knew going in, it was going to be a tough ride after yesterday's 75 minute ride which went better than I thought it would.  I started watching the Bourne Identity movies with Matt Damon.  Ya gotta love all that action.  It makes the trainer ride a little bit easier.  Within the first 15 minutes I was struggling to keep going and around the 25 minute mark, I grounded to a halt.  A short 20 second rest and getting to the good action scenes helped me make it through the sessions but I dreaded to look at the power tap numbers.

I hopped into the car and headed to the pool.  Lisa went to Mount Tremblant for the weekend to check out the course so I decided to just bang out 2,000 meters.  I was counting every 50 meters and stopped when I reached the 20th 50 meters.  I looked at the clock but only 18 minutes had passed and the lifeguards who switch every 30 minutes, had not changed.  It finally dawned on me that 50 meters times 20 laps is only 1,000 meters so I started to swimming again.  The trainer ride had taken a lot of steam out of me but I finished around 39 minutes.  I was satisfied with that time and headed home to get ready for a round of golf at 9:45 am.  Yes, it was a triathlon of a different sort.  Bike, Swim and Golf.  But golf was a disaster because I was tired and by the fourth hole I really began to fall apart however after the ninth hole (and loading up with sandwiches and beers) my game picked up and I finished half decent.  I only get out 5-6 times a year so my game is pretty much what I expect.

On the injury front, my right knee has begun to ache ever since I started riding inside and my right shin is a little sore.  The same spot where I had the stress fracture.  I guess last week's long run was a bit too much as I threw in a couple of hill repeats.  Scobie warned me about too many people that come back too hard which leads to re-injuries.  This could be trouble as I just registered for Muskoka 70.3 on September 11th and we can not cancel our accommodations.  This triathlon season hasn't gone very well.  We'll see how tomorrow's run goes.


  1. I like the trainer, but even I notice, some days your either into it or not, there is no "just winging it" on the trainer

  2. Right there with ya, buddy. As you know, these are difficult times with injuries!

    I like your Golf-a-tri, though I'm with is about beer and sandwiches.

    I've cancellend my Muskoka accommodations but if some miracle happens in the next 2 weeks, I just might be there. Hate the $300 wasted DNS, but $hit happens, I guess.

    Good luck with the workouts.