Ironman Mont Tremblant

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Decisions - Calgary 70.3

I just came back from the sports doctor and he said it will be another 1-2 weeks before I can start running again.  The stress fracture isn't fully healed and Calgary 70.3 is on July 31st.   That would be around July 15th that I could start running outside.  I have a fairly good base built up as I've done the Chilly Half Marathon, Around The Bay (30 km) and the Toronto Marathon in the last three months but have not run since the marathon (May 15th).

So the question is, can I run a half marathon on two weeks of training?  If I plan to run it, I would need to ramp up the water running or elliptical trainer to match my outdoor training.  For example, if I need to do two hours of running that would mean two hours of water running or two hours on an elliptical trainer (which I don't have one nor do I belong to a gym).  UGH!!  If I bail from this race, we could shorten our trip out west and come home earlier.  This would save about $1,500 from paying race fees, van rental, hotels, food etc.

What should I do?  What would you do?

Obviously I missed last week's announcement that there was no more Masters swimming for the summer.  I showed up at the usual 5:30 am and it was just the kids swimming.  Serge was kind enough to give me my own lane and so I just swam aimlessly with no structure workout.  I figured I banged out somewhere around 1,500 meters.  Going forward, I'll just have to swim by myself, lap after lap after lap...............And worse, it will be public lane swimming where I'll have to dodge the breast strokers and other ahem, swimmers.


  1. Whats your opinion on a walk/run program? I know some racers wont ever use it, but I am a firm believer in it, so is MattyO as well. That might be an option to consider

  2. Yea BDD. I was already planning to do the 10 min run x 1 min walk but it might slip to 5 x 1s or 1 x 1s or 1 x 5 or.....

  3. The only thing I would worry about it re-injuring it. If you aren't going to be on the hook for huge dollars, I'd cut my losses and focus on Muskoka. I really wouldn't want 1 race to sideline me for many more months.

    That said, if you do 5x1 and are prepared to stop the race altogether (or walk) to preserve your health, then go for it. It's hard to do, though. My suggestion is to think long term health so you can keep doing these crazy sports.

  4. If you're not on the hook for alot of money, forget calgary. Otherwise if you are in for alot of money, then go and walk the majority of the course anyways. You'll finish just fine, its not like you wont make the cutoffs. Just walk/jog the 'run' without injuring yourself and get your money's worth via medal and T-Shirt.

    I would rather see you use Muskoka for you 'A' race. There is still plenty of time to be 100% for that one. Dont risk injury at calgary for nothing.

    Our pool has dedicated 'lap' nights for real swimmers mostly. its hard finiding someon that matches speed though, but luckily our pool is quiet and we tent to always get our own lane :)

  5. Why take the chance on re-injuring yourself? Even though you have a good running base you have lost a lot or running fitness. I say take a pass...