Ironman Mont Tremblant

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Run....Uh Oh

It seems like last year when I last ran when actually its only been 26 days since the Toronto Marathon.  My shin splint was feeling better as I've been icing, stretching (sort of) and massaging.  I haven't done any of the runs on my schedule but they were only 30 minutes so no big deal.  This morning I felt I could run so I ran the Rammerville loop which is normally a 34 minute run which is about 6 km.

I started off as a slow jog and my shins were sore but I kept running as I hoped the pain would go didn't.  Next, according to my Polar, my heart rate was 165 beats per minute, even though I was running at a 7:00 km\min pace (very slow).  Stupid Polar.  I stopped running and my heart rate dropped to 16 beats per minute.  Eventually I turned off my watch.  Do I really need to monitor my 6 km run?  This was a tough run and I couldn't believe how hard it was to run.  How long ago did I run a marathon?

I got home and used the roller on my shin.....PAIN!!!  I emailed Kevin (chiropractor) to see if he had any appointments this morning.  He responded 30 minutes later saying that he had time at 9:20 am.  Not bad considering it was 7:00 am when I emailed him.  What service!!  Anyways, he proceeded to kill me as he worked on my shins.  I brought my ice pack with me so I could throw it in the freezer at work and ice throughout the day.  I knew it was going to be painful and it was!

Tonight I talked to coach to give him an update on my status and looks like Muskoka Long Course (June 26th) is out as I can barely run.  My next race is Calgary 70.3 and is about six weeks out and that could be in jeopardy if I don't heal in time.  I also talked about Ironman Mont-Tremblant to be announced on Monday.  He thought it would be a very tough race as it would be similar to IM St George (Utah). Very hilly on the ride and run so that would change my thinking back to IM Lake Placid or IM Canada for 2012.  Part of the problem is finding the hours to dedicate to training.  According to Coach, in February, I would be logging about 15 hours a week.  Given my occupation, there is no way I can log those hours in at that time of the year as it is the busiest time of year for me.  

What to do?  

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  1. Dont fret the injury - keep massaging out that scar tissue and let it heal up. Dont completely stop running though eh!

    You'll be ready for Calgaray - there is enough time to heal. Keep on that ice like 4 times a day at least! Advil, eat advil for meals!

    I am totally signing up for IMQ. IMLP is very hard to get into as the online sells out in under 10 minutes. You would have to GO to IMLP and volunteer and get in line the next day to guarantee registration.

    So with IMQ it is expected to not sell out as fast. You should be able to comfortably sign up for the race online without 'missing out' on the opportunity. Just be ready the moment it opens for registration to be safe.

    IMQ is in Canada - no stupid border crossing. Still well within driving distance. The area is gorgeous so it is worth touring while I am there. I can probably bring my kids! It appeals to my patriotism being a Canadian event. It would be cool to be part of the very first one!

    You can finish an full Iron with as little as 8hrs a week training. Aim for 12-15 but its more than doable with 8. Just make sure you kick off a 24 week program with an already established aerobic base.

    Run naked for the first few comeback workouts too - ignore the numbers, just run 'how you feel'. And swim! Swimming helps me recover bigtime!