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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Junk Is Frozen!!

I tried getting a couple of guys to go riding this morning but no one wanted to join me.  The weather wasn't that bad it was -1 degrees (Celsius) and with 20 km\hr wind brought the temperature down to -5 degrees.  I've certainly run in a lot colder weather but for riding, this would be the coldest.  I was really interested in how the new riding jacket would hold up.  The last couple of times I wore it, the weather was too warm and I was totally soaked in sweat.  Today was the perfect test so I wore:
  1. Long sleeve running turtleneck shirt
  2. leg warmers
  3. winter running tights
  4. riding shorts
  5. two pairs of wool socks
  6. one set of wool gloves and the lobster claw gloves over it
  7. riding jacket
  8. thick booties over the riding shoes
  9. balaclava
  10. sunglasses (not because it was sunny)
I felt like the Michelin man walking to the door but at least I was warm.

It was a struggle riding even though I was riding with the wind when I headed out as it was blowing south west.  I did the usual route straight up Mccowan Road until I hit Aurora road and then west until Kennedy.  Once I started south on Kennedy, riding into the wind, it was pretty strong.  As I headed back home, my toes began to get cold and eventually numb and by the time I turned east on Elgin Mills Road, I was riding straight into the wind where my junk was exposed.  I should have worn my running wind brief but thought the two layers of pants would be good enough.   Not quite, as I was in pain coming down the home stretch and even though the ride was only 1:15, I doubt I could have lasted much longer.

I've certainly run in much colder temperatures but when it comes to protecting the junk, there is no such thing as too much protection.  The new riding jacket was perfect but my water bottle had frozen and I started the ride with warm water.  Next week, I'll put hot water.

Tomorrow I'll try a short run and oddly enough the temperature has been climbing in the last couple of hours.  It will be about 10 degrees with rain by tomorrow morning when I run, which is better than the -20 degrees out in Calgary.  Suckers!

I think I found a new bike that I like.  It might take some time to get used to..........

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