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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good To Ride

Today was a great day to be outside as over the last three weeks, I think I've done only two indoor rides and one ride outside and with a rainy Sunday, I had to get out.  Initially I wanted to ride in the afternoon but Tammy said she need a break as the kids had yesterday off and it was chaos in the house, so I opt to ride in the morning instead.  Its a really good thing I didn't play hockey on Friday night as it probably wouldn't have gone down to well with Tammy putting the kids to bed Friday night and then me taking off for 90 minutes Saturday morning.  The sacrifices I make......yea whatever.

It was a good to get out but the new riding jacket I bought was way too hot to wear and within a couple of minutes I was beginning to work up a good sweat.  The ride was the usual out and back only 40 km and I opt to take the easier route (ie flat as a pancake) but I quickly found how much endurance I've lost and by the end of the ride I was beginning to run out of gas.  How pathetic.

I hate this time of the year because: a) the race season is over and nothing to look forward to b) the days are shorter c) the weather is usually miserable but at least today was nice and sunny

Only six weeks until Chistmas

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  1. Well if you are bored there is the Ajax Snowflake 10k in December - cap is 150