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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2011 Races

Coach called today and we chatted a little bit about the goals for 2011. First race of the new year will be the Chilly Half Marathon on March 6, 2011 followed by Around The Bay March 27th and the "new" Toronto Goodlife Marathon on May 15, 2011.  That's a lot of fucking running!!!!!

While I'd be the first to admit that I am not built to run, its probably my better discipline of triathlons (which is really not saying a whole lot).  My biggest worry is if my legs can hold out.  If you remember that I had a lot of running injuries in December through to June of this year due to my orthotics being toast and the seat dropping on my bike which screwed everything up.  For 2010, I had minor issues with the hamstring and it flared up every once and a while.  If I'm going to be doing that much running, then its bound to be a problem.  I mentioned this to coach and we agreed to add more strength training as well as sets of specific exercises for me to work on.  Oh yea!

When I got to the pool this morning at 5:45, I noticed the parking lot there were a lot of cars there.  It turns out that the other pool is closed and the Masters swim club that I was swimming with earlier this year had moved over to my pool.  I saw several people there and they kept asking when I was going to rejoin.  I'm still undecided as one complaint that I have about Masters is that there isn't enough mileage and they mix in too many other strokes.  For instance, I swam about 2,500 yards today following one of the workouts posted on Slowtwitch.  I thought it was a good workout and while I'm sure there is lots of things that Masters can help me improve on, its whether or not its worth it.  I'll decide in January.

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  1. Thats alot of running! I'm thinking around the bay, but thats it! lol.

    I know what you mean about Masters swim. I avoid it for the same reasons.