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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update Microsoft Explorer

Yaaayyy!!!  Work finally updated Microsoft Explorer and I can actually use/read Blogger. 

Not much going on.  Work has been crushing.  I'm so thankful I'm not training for anything like IMCOZ, IMFL or IMAZ.  It would be impossible

Two weeks ago I went riding with Mike.  It was so mild out that I rode in shorts.  Last Sunday the temperature dropped to normal (2 degrees) when I left around 8:00 am.  The rodes were dry and fine in the sun but as I made a left hand turn, the road was in the shade and I thought to myself "I wonder if I should be taking this turn slower" and my rear tire slid out and I went down with a thud.  My head bounced off the pavement and I laid there for a second stunned.  I got up and surveyed the damage.  Not much except my pride but I think I warped my rear tire.  Great.  Time to start riding the road bike

Two swims, one or two bike, one strength training and no runs per week.  I've still been way too busy to even go to the doctors to get a referral for an ultrasound.  At least my calf is healing, hopefully.

Back to work.  Don't feel bad if I haven't been reading your blog

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