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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Boston Marathon

Today a work colleague offered me the chance to run the Boston Marathon 2012 (without qualifying) via a special sponsorship/fundraising entry.

I thanked him but declined.  One of my brothers had run Boston several times to which he qualified each time.  I think my qualification time right now would be a 3:35 marathon to which I'm not even close.

Somehow, I felt that if I did accept, I didn't belong as I didn't "earn" my entry.  Odd.  I guess that would be sort of like going to Kona by winning the lottery.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you passed up the spot.

    While it would be awesome to experience Boston, it would not feel the same on a lottery ticket. If it was anyone else, I might think otherwise, but in your case you are more than capable of qualifying - it is within you to qualify. When you decide you're ready for it, you will earn it. No doubt.

    If I honestly tried for many years and just didn't make the cut, then I would consider taking a lottery spot. But until I actually make a honest effort, it wouldn't feel right.

    I might try in 2013.