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Friday, October 7, 2011

Toronto 5150

It looks like there is a proposal for the WTC to host a 5150 race in Toronto ala Ironman New York City.  The plan would be to swim would be in Lake Ontario (yuck, I don't know about that), the bike would be on the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway.  This is laughable as they are two of three major highways in Toronto and they are going to shut them down for 1,000-2,000 athletes?  And the run somewhere in the Beaches.  Oddly enough, Toronto city council denied their request.

Last year, soon to be mayor Rob Ford criticized shutting down major streets in Toronto for the Toronto Marathon and the Scotiabank Marathon, although he did have a point as to why there were two major marathons that were only three weeks apart.  Rob Ford said if he were mayor, the marathons would be delegated to the parks.  Yes that's how the New York and Chicago marathons have their courses set up.  Running in circles in a park.  All 40,000 runners.

Speaking of which, it seems that there is a new war breaking out on running races in Toronto.  The Toronto marathon moved from the fall to the spring this year.  The organizers of the Scotiabank Marathon want to set up a new 10 km race in the spring however the Sporting Life 10 km race which has been around for years and attracts over 10,000 runners is also in the spring.  So, they want three races all within one month, running down Yonge Street (a major, major road in Toronto).  That should make Mayor Ford very happy (he's quite overweight).

Going back to the WTC and they're new 5150 series, it seems that they have replaced the Muksoka Long Course (2 km swim, 55 km bike and 13 km run) as the new Muskoka 5150 is on the same weekend as the Long Course is usually scheduled.

On the training front, not much.  This week I started swimming with the Masters swim club and targeting the Angus Glen Half Marathon in November.  I'm eating like a pig and my weight shot up to 178 pounds but drifting back down.

Oink oink or should I say gobble, gobble


  1. The thing is, the race would be over before 80% of the residents had to go anywhere, so a couple streets are closed till 10am on a Sunday, besides us crazies, not a whole lot of people will be out and about at that time

    Which Toronto Mary has a finisher medal the siza of a hub cap?

  2. I can't stand Rob Ford.. I'm still not over the whole bike lane stuff.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!