Ironman Mont Tremblant

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Summer Is Over!

As September comes to an end, so does summer.  I ran this morning for 93 minutes and the weather was pretty crappy.  The temperature had dropped to 7 degrees and it was windy (44 km\hr).  I wore long sleeve shirt and pants and used running gloves.   I was just thankful I didn't have to ride in this crap and tomorrow the temperature drops down to 4 degrees.  Doh!

Training has dropped off as I'm only running three times a week.  I'm only riding once a week (outside) but the weather is getting much colder.  I haven't swam since Muskoka 70.3 but did think about going to Stoufville to swim on Friday morning.  Instead I just surfed the net in the morning.  I'm not sure if Masters has started up but I'm debating on joining them now or swim at Centennial on my own for a couple of months (its much cheaper).

I'm targeting the Angus Glen Half Marathon in early November but still worried about my stress fracture in my shin.  So far, so good.  I'm not really shooting for time as I don't want to do any hill training or intervals.  This race is more about something to train for as I can't sit around and do nothing.

Nothing going on with the coaching front.  I'll start interviewing a couple of coaches next month.  The thought of building my own training plan has crossed my mind.

Other than that, there is nothing going on, other than drinking lots of beer and gaining weight.  Oink oink

Oh yea, I played ice hockey this afternoon for the first time since March.  I had my ass handed to me as I was badly out of shape (might have had something to do with running 17 km this morning).  I'll start playing regularly this Tuesday until Christmas and depending on what my new coach says, that could be the end of winter hockey.  This IM training is getting to be a real PITA


  1. Lucky guy, not having to ride in this crap!

    I used to play hockey as well but stopped as triathlon training got more involved. There is so much more risk with playing hockey and the last thing I needed at the time was an injury. As you have IMMT coming up, your (new) coach might tell you the same's hard enough to SBR!! But then again, during the 'off season', it could be a great diversion.

    On a side note, my hip doctor was telling me another kind of sport would be good for my body - involve lateral movement. She said with SBR, we are 100% up/down in a forward plane. We don't do anything lateral. Thought that was interesting.

  2. I had a tri in this mess yesterday and it totally sucked

  3. oh boy my comments worked! yaay! Ummm there has been so much I've been trying to post and finally I can comment!!

    Love your crack pipe shot haha!!