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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Now That Was Fun

There is nothing like running for 90 minutes when the temperature with the humidity is 33 degrees. Because I went swimming this morning and Vanessa has soccer at 6:30 pm tonight, that really doesn't leave a lot of time to squeeze a run. I planned to get home by 3:30 pm and go running but of course I couldn't get away and when I got home, I couldn't find all my gear including Tammy's iPod so I didn't leave the house until almost 5 pm.

I guess I should be thankful as the humidity was dropping and it wasn't as bad as yesterday (40 degrees with the humidity) but it was still a tough run. I ran a 10 km loop for the first hour and desperately looked for sprinklers but none where to be found. However I did run by the water park at Mingay and spent a couple of minutes cooling down as a couple of adults looked at me as if I were a retard. Why would anyone go running when its this hot?
Within the first hour I ran out of water so I stopped off at home to reload my water bottle. In this heat, one gel wasn't enough so I mixed some Amino Vital in my water bottle and headed out to finish the run (yes I stopped my watch while I was inside). It definitely made a difference but by the 70 minute mark I was slowing down.

Lessons to be learned from this run:
1) one gel pack doesn't cut it
2) I need to take some salt tablets as I started to cramp up after the run like after Muskoka
3) Change my route so I find more sprinklers

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