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Saturday, August 14, 2010

102.4...A Sense Of Satisfaction

I finally broke the 100 km mark for riding and it was painful. As usual, I headed up Kennedy road and did three hill repeats on the Twin Peaks before heading up to Vivian road but this time instead of going west to Warden which is pretty flat, I headed east. Paul S had shown me some of the routes that he rides which is much more harder (ie more like Muskoka).

I headed east to north Pickering. Once I crossed Hwy 48, the terrain definitely changed as it was much more hillier. I rode over to York/Durham line and headed south. This road sucks for riding as there is no paved shoulder and although traffic was light, every once in a while, I'd always get some idiot who seemed to drive as close as possible to me even if there was no oncoming traffic. There was a headwind of around 20 km/hr and riding up hills really slowed me down. Once I reached Durham Hwy 47, I headed east towards Uxbridge but turned north again on Concession side road 2 (actually it should have been Concession side road 3). It made a difference when the paved road turned into a dirt road. Nothing like bouncing around in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road. Sure hope I don't get a flat here.

I hit Davis Drive and was fed up with riding on this crappy dirt road so I headed west and then south again on York/Durham line. The wind was picking up and I was really dragging. My lower back was killing me and was getting tired. I turned west on Bloomington road and rode over to Kennedy and then north again so I could have more fun doing hill repeats on the Twin Peaks. Noticing the time I only did two repeats before heading south to boogie home but riding into the wind there wasn't much boogie.

Once I reached home, a quick change and was out for a short run. I ran almost 5 km but ran at a significantly faster pace than what I would run at Muskoka. That was painful. How in the world am I going to run for another 16 km?

Enough blogging as its Jake's birthday tomorrow and Tammy took the kids to Jake's soccer. I get to clean the house, not that I'm complaining.........

Every thing is life is a trade off and my trade off today is helping clean after four hours of having fun.

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  1. Sweet! Now all you have to do is be able to ride an extra 77.6 km after your 3.8km swim by 5:30pm after having started the swim at 7:00 am. That will earn you the privilege of starting the marathon.....Sounds appealing right?