Ironman Mont Tremblant

Monday, December 3, 2012


Pretty much sums up how I feel.  I'm now 10 pounds above race weight.  I was doing pretty good holding at 175 but two bad weeks of dieting, or there lack of, combined with a crushing workload with minimal training had me gain five pounds in two weeks.

Last week, I took my rear wheel to a LBS and paid them $10 to install my trainer tire on.  It took the mechanic about three minutes while I gave up after 45 minutes.  Best $10 I ever spent.

On Friday, I met up with Derek V who is a strength and training coach at a local high school.  He showed me around the pretty new school.  Needless to say, it had better gyms than my university.  Notice the plural on gyms.  There were three gyms.  This is a high school.  My main reason for meeting up with Derek is his profession.  A strength and training coach.  I haven't run in over five weeks.  My calf injury has sidelined me and I've been too busy to go to the doctors.  I truly believe I'd be a better athlete if I did more (some) strength training.  Derek offered to build a simple workout that would high light areas of my weakness.  We talked about my calf injury and he'd figured I would be good to run.

On Saturday, I did a short 5.5 km run.  It felt good although I felt winded and out of shape.  I also did 30 minutes of strength and core.

On Sunday, despite the balmy temperatures, I rode inside following a Sufferfest Video.  And suffer I did.  Oh boy are they ever tough.  I burned 1,000 calories.  I gained a pound the next day.

On Monday, I ran again but got about half way when I could start to feel the familiar pain in my calf.  I walked home.

Tomorrow I'm going to the sports doctor


  1. I have been focusing on lifting this off season, for about 8 weeks now, I am already seeing good results from it, but it sure hampers any cycling or running, ouch

    I LOVE Sufferfest!!! Which ones do you have? I have Fight Club, DOwnward Spiral, The Hunted, and Angels, I am getting more, I love The Hunted, it freaking burns the quads

  2. good luck with that calf...

    and if you see Santa tell him to bring me a couple of Sufferfest DVDs