Ironman Mont Tremblant

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Of Course I Can Do That, I'm An Ironman!

We headed up to a friend's cottage for the Labour Day weekend.  I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by.  I guess that's what happens when you have your "A" race in mid-August.  By the time you recover from it, summer is over.

Last year, Tammy dropped me off about  75 km away and I rode my bike to the cottage.  The terrain is a little hilly will lots of rollers but nothing major.  This year, I thought I would do the same as it would be my first ride since Mont-Tremblant.  Tammy was definitely not happy and questioned if it was a good idea.  I was anxious to ride again and figured this would be a nice ride.  We stopped at the exact same place and I unloaded my bike and changed.  Tammy was still unhappy about the idea of being stuck with the kids for several hours but I figured once they got up to the cottage they could play with my friend's kids and go swimming.

The plan was to ride north and catch a road that ran parallel to Hwy 7 and avoid the heavy cottage traffic.  It is a four lane country highway and while legally I could ride on it, there are some parts where the shoulders are non existant and is very busy.  The road going north was only a couple of kilometers but I don't remember it being so busy the last time.  I cut down the first road running east (wrong road) and rode that for about 6 km before it ended.  I was faced with going either north (to the road I was supposed to be on) or going south and trying to find another road that ran south of Hwy 7.  I chose to go south.  I ended up riding too far south and tacked on another 20 km.  About an hour into the ride I reached the small town of Hastings, and was tired.  No amount of gels or energy drink could replinsh my energy and to make matters worse, once I turned northbound, I would be riding into a headwind.  All of a sudden, this didn't seem such a good idea. 

Around 90 minutes into the ride, I gave in and called the cottage for a pick up.  They have a land line so I figured that would be


  1. I would love to ride the roads where my dads cottage was but way too much traffic for that.

    Enjoy some rest, you've earned it.

  2. Maybe your are still recovering from the IM race. Was Tammy upset about the pick up?