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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CFL Reunion - 73 Year Old Start Brawling With A 74 Year Old!

Laughter turned to gasps when two former Canadian Football League rivals in their 70s exchanged vigorous punches on stage at an alumni luncheon in Vancouver this week.

In an online video that has quickly gone viral, former B.C. Lions quarterback Joe Kapp, 73, started the ruckus by offering former Hamilton Ticats defensive lineman Angelo Mosca, now 74, a sprig of flowers.

Kapp later said he was trying to end a feud that dates back to the 1963 Grey Cup game when Mosca injured Lions running back Willie Fleming with a hard tackle.

"I'm Angelo Mosca and someone starts waving a flower in my face," the former wrestler said later. "You think I'm gonna take that?"

Mosca, who was sitting down, lashed out with his cane. Then Kapp threw punched Mosca, knocking him off his chair.
"He hit me on the side of the head with a cane," Kapp said.

To which, Mosca replied, "When I went down, he kicked me."

CTV's Suneel Joshi said the fight was so bizarre, the crowd initially thought it was staged.

"People thought it was a joke -- until they saw the right hook from Joe Kapp."

When interviewed after the altercation, Mosca said he was simply defending himself.

"You take a shot at me, I'm gonna take a shot at you," he said.


  1. The best part, the guy on the left, turns to the crowd and yells "SPORTSMANSHIP!!!"