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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's Up?

I've been falling behind on blogging and barely being able to keep up with reading some of the blogs as work as been very busy.  Since the Victoria Day Weekend (May 23rd), the work volume dropped off a cliff.  I could leave the office for several hours and come back with no phone messages and only one or two emails.  I could waste hours reading Slowtwitch or blogs but all of a sudden, work has been so busy, and not necessilary "good busy".

Tuesday's workout was great.  I started with a 6 km run and moved the run\walk from 5 min run x 1 min walks to 10 x 1s and ran five minutes longer than the previous week.  The only thing was the humidity at 5 am in the morning.  You could cut it with a knife it was so thick.  I finished the run completely dripping wet, jumped in the car and drove off to swimming where the nice cool water was so refreshing (I took a shower before getting in the pool in case you were wondering).  I brought a 2,600 meter workout fully expecting not to finish it because of time or I'd be too tired but to my surprise, we finished the entire workout!  I was pretty happy about it.

Because of some stuff in the family life, I moved my long bike from Saturday morning (today) to Wednesday morning so that meant getting up at 4 am to eat and be out the door before 5 am and still get into work before 9:30 am.  One thing I love about June 21st is that it is the longest day of the year (around here) and it begins to get light before 5 am.  The one thing I hate about June 21st, is its all down hill after that day.  It starts to get light later and later so when I headed out the door at 4:50 am, it was pitch black.  I decided to play it smart and ride along Major Mackenzie road which has street lights instead of just heading north of it where there are no lights and there could be a body lying across the road and I wouldn't see it.  It must be because of the new bike.  I went west on Major Mac for about 20 minutes and then headed north up to Bayview by that time, there was some daylight but still could barely see the road as there were no streetlights.  The ride as uneventful and boring.  I mixed the Perpetuem so that each bottle had about 250 calories.  I ended up drinking two bottles, one gel and 3 salt tablets and felt fine but I think part of the problem is that when I ride this early in the morning, the weather is nice and cool so I'm not sweating as much but during the race at Peterborough a couple of weeks ago, it was hot and I was running into hydration and electrolyte problems.  Oddly enough, with the Perpetuem, I felt full all day and didn't eat very much at lunch or dinner.  Maybe this could be the new diet drink although I don't think I could handle drinking that stuff all day.  I have mixed feelings about the Perpetuem as it does the job for calories but it taste ok but nothing great.  I think I need to keep experimenting what works

I emailed coach the powertap file for the long ride and told him I wanted to increase my ride time up to five hours by extending each ride by 15 minutes.  I feel my bike is probably the weakest and needs the most help. He must have been in a pissy mood as when he called me at work later that day as he laid into me as a dumb idea as it is unnecessarily and increases the possibility of injury.  The key to getting stronger on the bike, is not extending the long ride but increasing the number of rides per week.  He rambled on for half an hour before I had to cut him off and head into a meeting.

I'm still miffed at missing Calgary 70.3 which is tomorrow.  If I could have started running three weeks earlier, I would have raced it.

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  1. Like you, I've not had time to blog or read much. Good to catch up on your blog though and hear that your run is slowly getting better.

    I just ordered some Infinit and will be trying the 'liquid calorie' thing as well. Will be very interesting, although I find it expensive, especially when used in training...think of a 5 hour training session which isn't uncommon. 1 serving at $2 per hour = $10 for 1 training day. Over the weeks and months, that's a lot of dough!

    I have no idea how you do such early mornings, but more power to ya. Hope you are loving the Kalibur!